SEO for Business, Part 2

SEO for Small Businesses – Part 2

EJB Consulting SEO Santa ClaritaIn my previous post, I introduced the idea of (more…)

SEO for Small Business

SEO for Small Businesses

Learn SEO Santa Clarita EJB consultingThis post will hopefully make it very clear why SEO for small business is a must, an absolute must if you are a small business. As an introduction, EJB Consulting is not an SEO company, I have been learning about SEO and found it to be extremely valuable. As I do assist business owners, I thought I would make the case as to why you should take notice and implement SEO into your online strategy.

SEO Santa Clarita, How to Optimize WordPress

As I discussed in a previous post, I have joined the Search Engine Optimization SEO Made Easy! SEO Santa Clarita This group is founded by Chaz Key, the talented SEO Jedi-Master and owner of his Search Engine Optimization company based right here in Santa Clarita, Ca.

Chaz Key SEO Santa Clarita Chaz Key from, SEO Jedi
SEO So Easy, Santa Clarita

So have I learned anything? A resounding YES. I talked about how I was doing all of the big ticket items (switched my site over to a WordPress platform, writing great original content, posting regularly), but I was not getting the results I thought I deserved. I found out I was missing the “secret sauce”, SEO (search engine optimization). I wrote about the instant success I had once I started utilizing the SEO mindset into my blog posts. I now know how to “rank” a site and get it on the first page of the google results. Give it a try, search for SEO Santa Clarita you’ll see my blog posts. (more…)

The Seo Game… I’m all in

SEO in Santa Clarita

The SEO game… I’m all in

SEO Santa Clarita

If you’re like me, you cringe when you get pocket aces playing texas hold’em.

For a while now I’ve been playing, and learning, with SEO as a kind of experiment.  I like to think of myself as tech savvy- I’ve built over 20 computers from scratch, embraced the Internet, and manage seven different websites learning to code HTML on a text editor.  I’ve switched over to Macs after years as a PC guy embracing all things Apple, and I keep up on tech listening to podcasts like Macbreakweekly and TWIT by Leo Laporte on my commute to work.
I thought I was doing all the things right.  In a sense I was, I had all the major things covered:
  • I switched my website from flash to a WordPress template (it even has SEO plugins).
  • I was creating quality original content for my website.
  • I dove into all things social, as in social media,
I thought I was doing everything right but I was missing one key ingredient. It turns out that ingredient was (more…)